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Product of the Month

Frontier XL Car Fire Blanket - $4,269.39

Suitable for Electric, Hybrid, Gasoline, and Diesel Vehicles. The fire blanket helps reduce and control the risk of a vehicle fire spreading to other structures and vehicles by starving the fire of oxygen and thereby keeping the temperature under control. Leave the blanket in place for at least 20 minutes.

  • 6m x 9m (19.5ft x 29.5ft) - comes w/ Storage Bag

  • 1mm thick (0.04")

  • Weighs 41kg (90lbs.)

  • High temperature fiberglass cloth

  • Can withstand direct heat up to 1,100°C

  • Applications include in car parks, ferries, emergency services, gas stations, etc.









Thank You,

Tom and Iris,

T&I Safety Equipment


Frontier XL Car Fire Blanket.png
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